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Five Dot Pheasant & Chukar Club - About Us

Natural – Unique Upland Bird Hunting Club

Five Dot Ranch

The Five Dot Pheasant Club is part of Five Dot Ranch, located on a 500+ acre parcel of well-managed grass and brush land in the Litchfield area of Lassen County, CA. Five Dot Ranch Pheasant & Chukar Club provides a great opportunity to carry on or start a family tradition of hunting and outdoor activities in beautiful Northeastern California. In addition to the pheasant club, a well-maintained fishery exists at our Five Dot Fly Fishing Club, only 40 miles from the pheasant club. Join a couple of long-time members hunting pheasants in spectacular Northeastern California!

Five Dot Ranch Logo
Tom Swickard - Five Dot Pheasant Club

Tom Swickard

Tom Swickard grew up in San Jose, CA where he helped manage the Swickard Ranch Registered Hereford operation. After attending college, in 1963, Tom moved to Susanville to work with his brother Jack Swickard and Jack's family to help build the Five Dot operation. Tom has a keen interest in hunting and fishing and developed the Five Dot Land & Cattle Hunting and Fishing club. Tom also works with nephew, Matt Lavacot on the Five Dot haying operation. Tom has helped shape this operation from the beginning and has worked very hard to ensure his great-nieces and great-nephews have the opportunity to be apart of a successful family run agricultural operation. Tom enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing in his spare time away from work.


Give Tom a Call Today to Schedule Your Hunt - (530) 310-2741

Vision Statement

Five Dot Pheasant Club seeks to create an unforgettable hunting experience through large well-managed fields, strong flying birds, and first-class service.

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