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Season Closing May 31st

2023-2024 Season is Coming to a Close

Call to setup your hunt today!
2024-2025 Season to Open Mid-September


Five Dot Pheasant & Chukar Club | Honey Lake Valley Hunting

Five Dot Pheasant & Chukar Club is a small hunting club developed exclusively for the hunter who wants to avoid the large commercial operations and enjoy an informal, truly natural hunting experience. Located in the Honey Lake Valley just outside of Susanville, CA, a 1.5-hour drive from Reno, NV; we offer a unique opportunity for hunters of all skill levels.

You can hunt with us in the morning then enjoy the pursuit of native game including deer, quail, and waterfowl during the remainder of the day, throughout the beautiful Honey Lake Valley. In addition, a well-maintained fishery exists at our Five Dot Fly Fishing Club, only 40 miles from the pheasant club.


Five Dot Pheasant & Chukar Club’s fields of beautiful, natural cover consisting of native grasses, willows, and sagebrush have yielded memorable hunting experiences for the serious hunter and their families for many years.

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